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All of our courses are held periodically throughout the year.  We understand that our intensive courses can be a lot of information to take in during a single sitting.  Also, after a period of time, you may want to come back for a refresher or to ask our instructors some questions once you have more experience under your belt or for specific scenarios.  New for 2021, we are offering a reattend subscription that will allow you to reattend any course that you have previously purchased.  The more courses you have taken, the more benefit you will see from this subscription.

Education should never end, and with this subscription, now it does not have to.

Subscription Overview

  • Reattend any course you have previously purchased
  • Ability to interact with instructors and hear questions from other students and the answers
  • Digital updates to manuals if changes are made in the future
  • Enhance your skills by reattending and continuing your education.



  • All classes are conducted online so you can attend from home
  • Also applies to in person Course instruction, when available again
  • Class attendees can ask questions during the Course if it is their first or 50th time to attend
  • Regular Price: $360

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