COACHING SERVICES: Covered Call Small Group Coaching

In addition to investor education seminars, workshops and software tools, Micro-Moment Trading (MMT) provides a subscription Coaching Service for each of MMT’s rules-based techniques. 

The Covered Call Small Group Coaching Service provides a weekly live coaching webinar to support you with the Covered Call techniques and processes taught during the 2-Day Covered Call course.  You will be able to ask any questions you have about Covered Call investing for income techniques, interact with the position analysis, and get answers live to accelerate your learning process.

These live, once per week, coaching webinars are also recorded for later viewing. This allows the opportunity for better absorption of the teaching in addition to viewing by those who could not attend live. You just email your questions ahead of time if you cannot attend live and then watch the recording to view your answer.

As a member of Covered Call Small Group Coaching, you will also receive email support for questions you have during the week.

In addition to answering your questions during the webinars, the coaching webinar also reviews MMT's proprietary tools such as our covered call screener.  Then, the charts are analyzed for the Buying Low Rule qualification.


  • Provides a helping hand for those with questions or needing help on selection

  • Investors can submit questions live or ahead of time

  • Previous exposure to Covered Call trading suggested

  • Live webinar Thursday night 7 PM Central

  • Archived recording if cannot attend live

  • Price $295.00/monthly - Cancel any time, no long term commitment

Subscribers of this service receive...

  • Access to ask instructors to questions live or offline

  • Access to recorded version of the weekly Webinar

  • Review of Micro-Moment Trading Covered call selector

  • Assistance with covered call analysis

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