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Charting for Momentum Workshop


"Validating the V".  Stocks tend to move consistently (either up or down) over a short time period. With Charting for Momentum, you will learn how to use MMT’s proprietary charting software to identify an equity's trend and cycle to enhance your ability to make profitable trades in the the stock market during this 1-day workshop.  Charting for Momentum not only applies to Momentum Trading, but can enhance your ability to trade Covered Calls, LEAPS, Credit Spreads, and more!  This workshop is best attended by students who have prior knowledge of at least one of the MMT technique(s) and rules, but will also provide a foundation to begin your educational journey with Micro-Moment Momentum Trading and increasing the probability of selecting profitable trades.

Workshop Overview

  • Stock market, option, and chart terminology
  • Learn the basics of interpreting our technical indicators to enhance your trading style
  • Strengthen your ability to profitably trade utilizing our proprietary charting package
  • Learn how to identify sweet spots for entry of a new position or management of an existing position


  • All Workshops are held as webinars on the Internet utilizing Go to Webinar, so you can attend from home
  • Online Workshop attendees can and are encouraged to ask questions during the Workshop
  • Regular Price $595 
  • Click here to see the schedule and register for the Charting for Momentum Workshop.

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