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Dividend Investing



This 1-Day workshop teaches you the basics of working with dividend stocks.  You will utilize the MMT process to select stocks and manage them for producing monthly income. This will include the dividend income produced by stocks as well as monthly or even weekly cash income from selling call options against your stock.

The Dividend technique can be used to help build a small portfolio by purchasing dividend stocks or combine our Dividend investing techniques with the MMT Covered Call techniques for larger portfolios.  Our Covered call technique can be applied when purchasing stocks in blocks of 100 shares to produce monthly cash income.


Investing with Dividend producing stocks provide the opportunity to receive the dividends and additional monthly cash income utilizing options. The techniques can be applied to stocks you already own or new selections.

This 1-Day Workshop is held periodically throughout the year as an online class, so you can attend from anywhere.


  • Stock Market & Dividend terminology
  • Dividend strategy discussion including the "Dividend Aristocrats" 
  • Teaches how to find quality dividend producing stocks
  • Learn to select the appropriate time to sell calls against the stock to generate additional monthly income
  • Also includes the management process to continue generating monthly income without the need to sell the stock (if desired to keep it) 
  • Ask instructor questions live during workshop
  • Learn how our instructor implement Dividends in building out their own portfolios


  • All Workshops are held as webinars on the Internet utilizing Go to Webinar, so you can attend from home
  • Online Workshop attendees can and are encouraged to ask questions during the Workshop
  • Click Here to see the schedule and register for the next Dividend Investing Workshop
  • Regular Price $450

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