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Expert Advice & Guidance

For individuals who want to manage their own investment portfolios, our Coaching Services provide a guided program that allows clients to watch and mimic the trading activities of our instructors. Unlike other investment education services, we provide weekly and in some cases daily live webinars and instant access to specific trades being made by our instructors.


  • Weekly and in some cases daily live webinars to teach investing techniques

  • Webinars are archived for later viewing

  • Instructors show how they analyze, select and execute trades

  • Instructors trade using their own money

  • Trade details are shared with subscribers via text, email, e-alerts, etc.

  • Subscribers can mimic the instructors trades

Coaching Subscribers Receive…

  • Attendance at the live webinars

  • Access to recorded version of the webinars

  • Email and smartphone alerts with actual trade selections (including strike price, expiration, execution price and portfolio allocation) that instructors are executing in their own accounts.

  • Free email support for any questions about the service or selected positions


The Covered Call Coaching Service provides hands-on learning that you can start from scratch or enhance your existing knowledge and trading skills.  Subscribers receive on-going weekly education demonstrating how covered calls are selected, entered, managed and exited by following how the instructor manages his own, personal portfolio. Learn more.


The Weekly Credit Spread Coaching Service focuses on constructing credit spreads with weekly expirations, which allows four times the activity versus traditional monthly credit spreads.  During the weekly sessions the instructor reviews the previous week’s trades and assesses possible trades for the coming week. These positions are analyzed during live market hours with thorough explanations of which positions may be suitable to trade. Learn more.


In the Momentum Trade Coaching Service, the instructor conducts a weekly webinar to teach and demonstrate how to use MMT’s proprietary Advanced Charting platform to analyze hundreds of equities to identify potential “sweet spots”. A sweet spot is when the indicators all line up in such a manner as to indicate a high probability the stock will, in the near term, move up or down. With this information, investors are able to enter Momentum Trades. Learn more.


In the Micro-Moment Coaching Service, the instructors conduct multiple webinars each week to review and demonstrate how they use MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equities (ISE) chart, to identify potential “sweet spots”. A sweet spot is when the indicators all line up in such a manner as to indicate a high probability the stock will, move up or down in the next few minutes. With this information, investors are able to execute a Micro-Moment Trade. Learn more.

Coaching Services – Company on Your Financial Journey

It seems like financial education companies, besides Micro-Moment Trading, teach you a seminar then kick you out of the nest to learn on your own. Not at Micro-Moment Trading!  Our Coaching Services provide on-going training and support. You can watch MMT instructors trade with their own money in their own account. You can network with other MMT students. You don’t have to journey alone!

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