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Empowering Traders for Market Success

Micro-Moment Trading teaches a course for each of our various trading techniques. Our goal is to provide the best training possible on each strategy and topic. Our courses are based on proprietary techniques and tools that we have developed over the past two decades. These intensive courses give attendees all the knowledge they need to start maximizing the power the various trading strategies and related tools.

Course Overview

2-Day Covered Calls Course

  • A fast-track course for investors to get a comprehensive explanation of options and covered calls
  • Shows how to apply MMT’s proprietary rules and techniques to actual investment opportunities
  • Contains the practical application that can only be learned by "doing it" rather than "reading about it”
  • Live online courses

Register to attend our intensive 2-Day Covered Calls Course.

2-Day Charting for Momentum Course

  • Designed to improve your ability to more accurately—and profitably—time buy, hold and sell decisions
  • Introduces you to a variety of charting techniques, and introduces 27 key indicators
  • Shows how these indicators yield extremely accurate predictions about a stock's movements through the four cyclical phases of Birth, Momentum, Exhaustion and Death
  • Introduces the concept of Momentum trades
  • All courses taught live online

Register to attend our intensive 2-Day Charting for Momentum Course.

2-Day Credit Spread Course

  • Learn how to construct a credit spread

  • Learn how to use the MMT toolbox to search for new positions

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A Course for Everyone

Diversity of trading techniques is an important as diversity of portfolios. You need to match the technique to the investor profile AND to the market conditions. MMT teaches a variety of investment education courses that allow the self-directed investor to take control of their investments. Pick the strategy and course that’s right for you.

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