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In addition to investor education seminars and software tools, Micro-Moment Trading (MMT) provides a subscription Coaching Service for each of MMT’s rules-based techniques. 

In the Covered Call Coaching Service, Randy takes the theory learned in the 2-Day Covered Calls Seminar and puts it into practice. Subscribers receive on-going weekly education demonstrating how covered calls are selected, entered, managed and exited by following how Randy manages his own, personal portfolio.  This makes the service perfect for the novice and experienced trader alike.

Subscribers to the Covered Call Coaching Service receive updates and alerts of trades that are made in Randy's own account. Subscribers can then choose to follow along with the same or similar positions or can monitor the positions over time to improve their covered call investing skills.

Covered Call Coaching Service subscribers can attend a weekly Webinar at 11am Central time each Wednesday morning where Randy reviews current positions and assesses possible trades for the coming week. These positions are analyzed during live market hours with thorough explanations of which positions may be suitable to trade. In the event you are unable to attend the webinar live, each webinar is recorded and available via archive so that you can view each week’s session at your convenience.


  • Provides an unprecedented level of Covered Call education

  • Investors can witness trades as they are being analyzed

  • Excellent real-world training for people new to MMT Covered Call techniques

  • Live webinar during market hours

  • Trade and informational alerts are sent to subscribers

  • Price $995.00/monthly - Cancel any time, no long term commitment

Subscribers of this service receive...

  • Attendance at the weekly two-hour live Covered Call Coaching Service Webinar

  • Access to recorded version of the weekly Webinar

  • Alerts and updates with actual trade selections (including strike price, expiration, and execution price ) that he is executing in his own account

  • Email support for any questions you may have on the service or selected positions

REGISTER NOW ONLINE or Contact Us at the office

Covered Call Coaching Service – We’ve Got You Covered

Covered calls are created when you cover an option by owning the stock. Your call is covered. You are covered with MMT by our on-going, subscriber support and by our Covered Call Coaching Service. You can watch and learn as covered calls are traded. You can mimic trades and learn the investing ropes. We’ve got you covered!

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