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In addition to investor education seminars and software tools, Micro-Moment Trading provides a subscription Coaching Service for each of MMT’s rule-based techniques. The Micro-Moment Coaching Service is run by a team of traders specializing in the tools and techniques.


In the Micro-Moment Coaching Service, our team conducts multiple webinars each week to review and demonstrate how they use MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equities (ISE) charting tool to identify potential “sweet spots”. A sweet spot is when the indicators all line up in such a manner as to indicate a high probability the stock will, move up or down in the next few minutes. With this information, investors are able to execute a Micro-Moment Trade regardless of market direction.

A Micro-Moment trade is the purchase of a call option or put option designed to profit from fast movement in the price. Trades usually last less than five minutes and often last less than one minute. Under no circumstance is a trade allowed to remain after the close of the market, so investors are 100% in cash at the beginning and end of each day. The Micro-Moment Coaching Service provides in depth, on-going training on how to interpret the ISE charting tool and enter/exit trades.

In the event you are unable to attend the webinar live, each webinar is recorded and available via archive so that you can view each session at your convenience.  Subscribers to the Micro-Moment Coaching Service receive updates of trades that our team makes in their own account(s) during the live webinar. Subscribers can then choose to follow along or monitor the positions over time to improve their Micro-Moment investing technique.


  • Rule-based system uses MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equities (ISE) charting tool to analyze, enter, and exit trades

  • Non-directional, so profits can be made when the market is going up or down

  • Discussion of trades being made by the instructors in their own account(s)

  • Average 3 or more trades per day

  • Live webinar during market hours starting at 8:20 am central

  • Price: $495.00/monthly - cancel any time, no long term commitment

Subscribers of this service receive...

  • Information of the trade selected (including strike price, expiration, execution, and exit price) that the instructor(s) are executing in their own accounts

  • Instructors answer your questions LIVE during webinar sessions

  • Email support for any questions on the service or selected positions

  • Multiple live trading sessions per week

  • Text message notifications of trade session activity by instructors (standard messaging service rates may apply)

 REGISTER NOW ONLINE or Contact Us at the office to sign up

Micro-Moment Coaching Service – Make Each Moment Count

Day trading is not for the feint of heart. It’s not for beginners. And it definitely should not be done alone. The Micro-Moment Coaching  Service provides multiple live webinars each week to demonstrate how to select, enter and exit trades that usually last only minutes. You can make each moment count by continuing your education.

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