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The right investment strategy...
is the one that’s right for you!

You’ve probably heard about diversifying your portfolio so you’re not at risk in a single industry or investment. MMT offers diversification of techniques, depending on how conservative you are and how much time you want to commit.  One being more conservative and four being least conservative:

  1. Covered Calls

  2. Credit Spreads

  3. Momentum Trading

  4. Micro-Moment


Earn a consistent monthly return with a minimal commitment of time.  MMT Covered Call investing is a proven, rules-based strategy. For conservative investors, this strategy takes the least time commitment, offers the least risk and, for both experienced and novice traders, it's really the best place to start.

  • For the conservative investor

  • Least risk of the MMT investment strategies

  • The best place for new investors to start

  • A proven rule-based strategy with a great success record

  • A good system for people who can’t be at their computers during the day

  • Can be done with as little time investment as 6 hours per month

Learn more about our Covered Calls Coaching Service. >>
Learn more about Covered Calls. >>


A great way to do more with less!

If you're an investor with a bit more experience under your belt, then Credit Spreads may be a good strategy for you. While it's a slightly less conservative strategy than Covered Calls, our Credit Spread techniques are easy to learn and our instructors will provide expert advice and personal assistance.

  • For the investor with a bit of experience under their belt

  • For those interested in a slightly less conservative approach

  • Great next step from Covered Calls strategy

  • A good system for people who have limited access their computers during the day

  • Good strategy for investors with a smaller account size

Learn more about our Credit Spreads Coaching Service. >>
Learn more about Credit Spreads. >>


Stocks tend to move consistently (either up or down) over a short time period. In Momentum Trading, you will learn how to use MMT’s proprietary charting software to identify sweet spots and earn significant returns on short term stock movements.

  • A moderately risky approach that relies on the momentum of stocks trading in high volume

  • A strategy for traders who can commit the time required to exploit the strategy

  • This strategy offers a variety of techniques that may require experimentation by the investor

  • Requires lowest initial account value of all techniques to get started

Learn more about our Momentum Trade Coaching Service >>
Learn more about Momentum Trading. >>


Micro-Moment is a fast-paced, ultra short term investing technique. Most trades are completed in less than five minutes and no trades are held overnight. This is for the serious investor who can commit 1 – 2 hours per day during market hours.

  • The MMT strategy with the highest level of risk and reward

  • A strategy that puts both freedom and power in the hands of the experienced investor

  • Has the largest time commitment of the various MMT strategies

  • Can be a tremendously rewarding strategy for those willing to develop a plan and stick to it (rather than simply reacting to the market)

Learn more about the Micro-Moment Coaching Service. >>

What stock marketing investment strategy is best in this market?

The best stock market strategy is the one that best fits your goals, desires, experience level and
budgetary considerations. You must weight the benefits of value strategies and reward strategies.
Regardless, rules-based investing works equally well for novices and experts alike.

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