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Course: 2-DAY Charting for Momentum

In the 2-Day Charting for Momentum Course, the Micro-Moment Trading team provide a comprehensive explanation of MMT’s proprietary Advanced Charting program. Advanced Charting was developed by MMT to help predict short-term stock movements. Advanced Charting is a major improvement over straight line charting and helps to increase the returns of all Micro-Moment Trading techniques.

During the 2-Day Charting for Momentum Course, investors learn about moving averages, channels, “stacked up”, “stacked down” and other critical indicators that help predict near term stock movement. Students will be able to identify sweet spots and trade accordingly.

The 2-Day Charting for Momentum Course is held periodically throughout the year as an online class, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

Course Overview

  • Designed to improve your ability to more accurately—and profitably—time buy, hold and sell decisions

  • Introduces a variety of charting techniques, introduces 27 key indicators

  • Shows how Advanced Charting accurately predicts a stock's movements through the four cyclical phases of Birth, Momentum, Exhaustion and Death

  • Introduces the concept of sweet spots and Momentum Trades


  • The 2-Day Charting for Momentum Course is held on Saturday and Sunday

  • All courses are held as webinars on the Internet, so you can attend from home

  • Includes Charting for Momentum PDF manual

  • Online course attendees can and are encouraged to ask questions during the live session

  • Price: $995

Register now for the 2-Day Charting for Momentum Course.

2-Day Charting for Momentum Course – Charting The Course

Most investing techniques can benefit from improved knowledge of coming stock price moves, either up or down. About to enter a new covered call? Want to know whether to sell your stock? Should you believe what the “pundits” are saying about a stock? Learn to read and interpret Advanced Charting to chart your course and make decisions.

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