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In the 2-Day Credit Spreads Course, the Micro-Moment Trading team provides a comprehensive explanation of MMT’s Credit Spread rules-based techniques.

During the 2-Day Credit Spreads Course, investors learn what a credit spread is, how to select a profitable credit spread, how to enter the credit spread trade into an online brokerage platform and how to use defensive techniques when needed to protect the credit spread profits.

The 2-Day Credit Spreads Course is held periodically throughout the year as an online class, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

Course Overview

  • Online Course covers the basics of Credit Spreads trading

  • Credit Spread session provides:

    • Proper understanding of the differences and similarities in the features of put versus call options

    • Why long options are used as leverage compared to owning shares of the stock as leverage.

    • Which short options are best suited to sell to open against the long options on the position.

    • How to calculate the maximum capital risk, as well as the maximum profit potential, for a position

    • Use of MMT Credit Spread Toolbox, including how to properly search for optimum new monthly credit spreads utilizing specific parameters taught during the webinar.

    • Proper Chart Analysis — how to assess basic line charts to determine whether the better choice would be to open a put spread, a call spread, or both.

    • Management techniques that can be implemented to protect capital and profits


  • The 2-Day Credit Spreads Course is held on Saturday and Sunday

  • Receive our 100-page Credit Spread PDF manual

  • All Courses are held as webinars on the Internet, so you can attend from home

  • Online Course attendees can ask questions during the course

  • Price: $995

Online Registration for the Credit Spreads Course. >>

2-Day Credit Spread Course – Spreading the Cash Flow Joy

Credit spreads – a variety of cash flow investing techniques for the more advanced investor. You can choose whether to profit from low or high market volatility, low or high price swings. Why are traders smiling when in steep market moves? Attend the Credit Spread Course and find out.

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