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Futures Trading Workshop

In the 1-Day MMT Futures Workshop, the MMT team will provide a comprehensive explanation of the financial markets for Commodities, Futures, Futures Charting and the MMT rules-based techniques for Futures trading.  During the 1-Day Futures Workshop, investors will learn what Futures are, their history, the type of futures contracts we will trade, entry and exit points, as well as trading platform setup and execution. Our goal is to profit from market movements during the day and virtually anytime in the 23-hour period that futures are available to trade.

What can I expect in the 1-Day Futures Workshop?

  • Most comprehensive Futures education available!

  • Demonstrates practical application of MMT’s proprietary rules and techniques.

  • Includes techniques for entry and exit of positions for locking in profits, using MMT Futures charting

  • Teaches you how to earn income from trading futures indexes on the NASDAQ, S&P500, Russel 2000, DOW, and even Crypto - Bitcoin.

  • Teaches you how to set up the proper bracket orders to protect against sudden market moves

  • Teaches you how to adjust your limit and stop orders to maximize your profits

  • Investors leave the 1-Day Futures course with an unprecedented knowledge of MMT's Futures trading techniques and are ready to begin investing the next day*

  • This course is not a prerequisite for other MMT courses, workshops, or coaching services, but attendance is highly recommended as a compliment to the MMT techniques, as it provides the foundation knowledge about Futures that can be added to your arsenal of trading techniques.

  • All classes are conducted online so you can attend from home

  • Class attendees can ask questions during the Workshop

Click here to see the schedule and register for the 1-Day Futures Workshop.


Regular Price $750​

*We highly recommend that you practice this technique in your Live Simulation trading account for 30 days, prior to risking any real money.

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