In addition to investor education seminars and software tools, Micro-Moment Trading (MMT) provides a subscription Coaching Service for each of MMT’s rules-based techniques. The Weekly Credit Spread Coaching Service is run by Keith, who also teaches the Credit Spread Seminar.

The Credit Spread Coaching Service focuses on weekly credit spreads, which allows four times the activity versus traditional monthly credit spreads.

Weekly Credit Spread Coaching Service subscribers can attend a weekly Webinar at 11am Central time each Tuesday morning where Keith reviews the previous week’s trades and assess possible trades for the coming week. These positions are analyzed during live market hours with thorough explanations of which positions may be suitable to trade. In the event you are unable to attend the webinar live, each webinar is recorded and available via archive so that you can view each week’s session at your convenience.

Subscribers to the Weekly Credit Spread Coaching Service receive alerts and updates of trades that Keith makes in his own account. Subscribers can then choose whether to follow the same or similar position or can monitor the position over time to improve their Weekly Credit Spread investing skills.



Provides an unprecedented level of Credit Spread education designed for conservative investors who want:

  • Precise guidance on exactly what positions the instructor enters and when

  • The ease and convenience of just one simple trade per week

  • Coaching and education to understand the rules, rationale and logic behind selected positions

  • Price $995.00/monthly - Cancel any time, no long term commitment

Subscribers of this service receive...

  • Alerts and updates with actual trade selection (including strike price, expiration, and execution price) that Keith is trading in his own account(s)

  • Follow-up emails if any subsequent management moves if required on open positions

  • Attendance at weekly webinars hosted each Tuesday at 11:00am CST. These webinars, providing the logic and rules behind selected trades and any management moves, are integral to clients learning the practical application of the techniques.

  • Email support for any questions you may have on the service or selected positions.

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Weekly Credit Spread Coaching Service-Your Week Just Got Better

For many years, only monthly credit spreads were available. Not any more. Now you can trade weekly credit spreads. In the Weekly Credit Spread Coaching Service, you are part of a team. You will receive on-going, weekly instruction. We will teach you how to analyze, select, enter and exit weekly credit spreads. Week in and week out.

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