Technique: Micro-Moment

What is the Micro-Moment Technique?

MMT’s Micro-Moment strategy involves buying and selling options on the same day, on the basis of small, short-term price fluctuations. Micro-Moment is for investors who are looking to make the maximum amount of returns and who can dedicate 1 to 2 hours per day on trading. This is a fast-paced strategy based on reading charts and making quick decisions to buy/sell options. The ability to make money depends on successfully making 1 to 2 successful trades per day that generate small profits.

Benefits of Micro-Moment Technique

  • Permits a great profit potential in a very short amount of time (but also has the highest risk level of the various trading strategies)

  • Immediacy – traders can have their profits by the end of the day

  • Puts freedom and power in the hands of the experienced investor

  • Trader is 100% cash at the beginning and end of the day

  • Can earn interest on overnight cash balances

  • Can be a tremendously rewarding strategy for those willing to develop a plan and stick to it (rather than simply reacting to the market)

Comprehensive Training

MMT is a market leader in investment education services. MMT will teach you how to successfully execute the Micro-Moment strategy and how to:

  • Understand the differences and similarities in the features of Put versus Call options

  • Select sweet spots using MMT’s proprietary real-time charting tool

  • Successfully complete Micro-Moment transactions

  • Understand when to be active and when to avoid the markets

Expert Guidance and Advice

Micro-Moment Trading offers the following Micro-Moment services:

Trade The Moment – The Speed of Money

If you like being in the middle of the action, then Micro-Moment technique might be for you. This is MMT’s most aggressive and time consuming – and action-packed technique. It’s day trading backed by ICE – MMT’s proprietary real-time charts. In and out in one day – usually in just minutes. Fast. Paced. Trading. Seize the moment with Micro-Moment!

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