Course: 1-DAY MICRO-Moment


The 1-Day Trade The Moment Seminar is held during market hours. The MMT team start the day by assessing the pre-market environment. Once the market opens, the team shows how they assess, enter and exit positions, live in the market. After the trades are complete, the classroom portion of the seminar begins during which the MMT team shows step-by-step how investors can trade using the Micro-Moment techniques.

The Micro-Moment techniques are made possible by MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equity, or ISE charting platform created by MMT to support real-time, fast-paced selection of Trade The Moment trades. The 1-Day Micro-Moment Course teaches how to use the ISE charts to analyze and select trades.

The 1-Day Micro-Moment course is held periodically throughout the year as an online class, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. Click to see the current seminar schedule.

Seminar Overview

  • Demonstrates how to select, enter and exit trades live, during market hours
  • Teaches how to read and interpret MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equities, or ISE Charts
  • Reviews the rules for selecting, entering and exiting positions
  • Introduces the concept of sweet spots and Micro-Moment Trades


  • Free lifetime re-attendance at 1-Day Micro-Moment Course
  • Free email & telephone support


  • The 1-Day Micro-Moment Course is held on Friday, during market hours
  • All seminars are held as webinars on the Internet, so you can attend from home
  • Online seminar attendees can ask questions during the seminar
  • Live trading during market hours
  • Charting tools used to find actual positions
  • Watch as positions are created and exited live
  • Designed to assist in learning how to find and trade intraday sweet spots

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1-Day Trade The Moment Seminar – Live During Market Hours

How many financial seminars are taught when the markets are open? Well, here’s one. The 1-Day Micro-Moment Seminar is taught on Fridays, from the open to the close of the US stock markets. Trades are analyzed, entered and exited. In real time. Fast paced, high energy. For advanced investors who want to achieve maximum short term returns.

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