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MASTERS Conference

Micro-Moment in person community event in Fort Worth, TX brings together our current students, traders, and graduates to share their experiences.  Our speakers during this conference will be selected from successful traders across our different techniques.  They will share what has made them successful over the years with the attendees.

We will also offer break out sessions with our instructors.  This will provide direct and in person access to your favorite instructor(s) that you interact with remotely on a daily basis.

Schedule for this in person event is dependent on Covid-19 restrictions

JUNE 19,20*


2-Day Covered Call Course

Our traditional 2-day covered call course provides our students with an in depth explanation of options and covered calls.  We will show you how to apply Micro-Moment Trading's proprietary rules and techniques for actual investment opportunities.

Learn how to enter, exit, and most importantly, how to manage your covered call positions to generate income, in an up or down market.

DECEMBER 5,6 2020

FEBRUARY 20,21 2021*

MAY 22,23 2021*

AUGUST 21,22 2021*

DECEMBER 4,5 2021*


2-Day Charting for Momentum Course

This course is designed to improve your ability to select positions more accurately and profitably by using our proprietary charting tools, hosted by Flex Charting.  This course will help increase your ability to select the positions that best fit your trading style.

Let us train you how to use our charts to track Birth, Momentum, Exhaustion and Death phase of your momentum and any other trades. 

JANUARY 23, 24 2021*

APRIL 17,18 2021*

JULY 24, 25*

OCTOBER 9, 10 2021*


2-Day Credit Spread Course

Micro-Moment will instruct you how to structure your credit spread position for the highest probability of a profitable position, while helping to reduce your exposure to the unknown market conditions.  Let us show you how to use our Credit Spread Toolbox to properly search for optimum new monthly or weekly credit spreads, utilizing the techniques taught to you during our webinar.

With Proper chart analysis, you can determine the best choice for a put spread, call spread, or both. 

Dates TBD


Micro-Moment Course

The Micro-Moment technique is made possible by MMT's proprietary Intraday Streaming Equity, or ISE charts.  Learn how you can read and interpret MMT's proprietary ISE charts to select the appropriate entry and exit point for your call or put trades. 

MARCH 6, 2021*

SEPTEMBER 25, 2021*


Introduction to Options Workshop - NEW 2021

This workshop will provide the novice trader an overview of option trading.  This will include terminology, basic concepts of options, and what you should look for in your brokerage platform when when selecting an option position.

This four hour workshop is designed for someone with no prior or very little experience with options or the stock market.

APRIL 10, 2021*

JULY 17, 2021*

NOVEMBER 6, 2021*


TSS Workshop - NEW 2021

If you have a portfolio of stocks you are looking to generate consistent monthly income from, then this is the workshop for you.  Using our TSS approach, you will learn how to leverage options to generate income from your existing stocks without having to sell them. 

This technique is also used to manage depressed covered call positions, if you need a refresher or a first look at how to execute this technique, join us and bring your questions along for live answers.

This is taught during market hours so you can see the process to research and select positions based on real world examples.

February 16, 2021*

June 2021*

October 2021*


Charting for Momentum Workshop

"Validating the V" - Stocks tend to move consistently up or down over a short period of time.  With the Charting for Momentum Workshop, you will learn how to use MMT's proprietary charting software to identify an equity's trend and cycle to enhance your ability to make profitable trades.

MARCH 27, 2021*

SEPTEMBER 18, 2021*


Dividend Workshop - NEW 2021

Learn how to generate income from merely selecting a stock.  This workshop highlights the process of choosing stocks that pay dividends and how to work with those stocks to generate income in your portfolio

JANUARY 30, 2021*

MAY 15, 2021*

AUGUST 7, 2021*


Live Trade with De'Shun Workshop - NEW 2021

Having problems with your platform and need a little extra help?  Sign up for Live Trading with De'Shun.  He will cover the top 3 brokerage platforms, how to select an equity, or option chain in that platform and efficiently and effectively enter and exit a position.  

This workshop is offered during market hours so you can see live how to work within different brokerage platforms and ask questions for issues you may be encountering.

February 10th, 2021


Micro-Moment 2021 Events

* Indicates tentative schedule until signup posted

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