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The Covered Call Toolbox is a collection of tools, screeners and charting programs designed to assist the investor in locating and entering positions and managing those positions when necessary.

The Covered Call Toolbox is a proprietary search and filter tool developed by us specifically for use with our techniques. The toolbox completely replaces and improves on other online services, searching for positions with REAL TIME PRICES, and is tailored specifically to meet our rules for finding and constructing positions.

The Covered Call Toolbox is specifically tailored to support our rules and criteria for finding, analyzing and managing Covered Call positions. The Toolbox contains every analysis tool that investors require to be successful in the business of writing covered calls.

For example, the Covered Call Screener is particularly essential as it automatically scans thousands of potential covered call positions and allows investors to quickly and accurately find, qualify and construct positions using real time market data.

The Covered Call Toolbox includes:

  • CSE Screener - Covered Calls

  • CSE Screener – LEAPS

  • Option Chains with Delta

  • SSR Worksheet*

  • Stretched SSR Worksheet*

  • CPR Worksheet*

  • Automated CPR Worksheet*

  • Stock Researcher

  • TSS Strike Price Selector*

  • Covered Call and LEAPS Tracking Spreadsheets

  • Basic Charting Tool

* CSE management technique

Covered Call Toolbox subscriptions are $100 per month. Members of the CSE Covered Call Platinum Service receive the Covered Call Toolbox for free.

Subscribe to the Covered Call Toolbox. >>


The Covered Call Screener is a proprietary search and filter tool developed by us to help identify and select covered call positions that meet our rules. The Covered Call Screener uses real-time prices to instantly calculate:

  • Uncalled Return %

  • Called Return %

  • % in the Money

  • % Out of the Money

The Covered Call Screener only displays covered call positions that meet the CSE criteria, which include:

  • Minimum stock price

  • Minimum P/E ratio

  • Minimum market capitalization

  • Minimum brokerage recommendation

  • Maximum % of 52-week average price

The screener automatically excludes stocks the will report earnings during the period. In addition, it give a thumbnail straight-line chart, a full sized straight-line chart and other critical information, such as the industry, earnings date, earnings per share (EPS) of the current quarter and project future EPS.

You can subscribe to the Covered Call Screen for only $29.95 per month, and it includes a free 30-day trial!

Subscribe to the Covered Calls Screener and 30-Day FREE trial. >>


The basic toolbox subscription provides everything you need to begin trading covered calls. If you want to trade other, more aggressive CSE techniques, then you’ll likely want to subscribe to our toolbox add-ons.

Credit Spread Screener

The credit spread screener is a tool designed for locating credit spread positions and analyzing the risk associated with a given position.

Advanced Charting

Advance Charting combines several charting indicators into an easy to digest series of charts to aid the investor in quickly and decisively indentifying the market direction of a given symbol.

Intraday Streaming Equities Chart

The Intraday Streaming Equities Chart (ISE) provides a tick by tick analysis of the given symbol. The indicators have been modified to show a much more concise window of opportunity than Advanced Charting. Available only to Trade The Moment Platinum Subscribers.

Intraday CSM Chart

The Intraday CSM chart is used to identify entry points for the Credit Spread Momentum trading strategy. Available only to Weekly Credit Spreads Platinum Subscribers.

To subscribe to any Toolbox Add-on, please call the office: (817) 882-9142.

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