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Micro-Moment Workshop


The Micro-Moment techniques are made possible by MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equity, or ISE charting platform created by MMT and provided by Flex Charting to support real-time, fast-paced selection of Micro-Moment trades. The 1-Day Micro-Moment Workshop teaches the basics including option and market terminology, followed by how to use the ISE charts to analyze and select trades.

The 1-Day Micro-Moment Workshop is held periodically throughout the year as an online class, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Workshop Overview

  • Stock market and option terminology
  • Strategy Discussion
  • Teaches how to read and interpret MMT’s proprietary Intraday Streaming Equities, or ISE Charts
  • Reviews the rules for selecting, entering and exiting positions using ISE Chart examples.


  • All Workshops are held as webinars on the Internet, so you can attend from home
  • Online Workshop attendees can and are encouraged to ask questions during the Workshop
  • Charting tools used to identify positions
  • Designed to assist in learning how to find and trade intraday sweet spots

Last Workshop August 2020, schedule updated soon for next workshop


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